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Sleep Consultant


My name is Geri. I'm 39 years old and I'm a certified child sleep consultant.

Sophia & Niki & Matea

I'm a proud mother of 3 wonderful children.


My Family

Sophia & Matea


Our eldest child, Sophia, is a 'unicorn' baby. By the time she was 45 days old, she was sleeping peacefully through the night. She would refuse night feedings, even though she was exclusively breastfed, and to this day, she is a sound and peaceful sleeper.


My husband and I experienced what most parents go through when our second child, Niki, was born. Niki is a brave and warm-hearted boy but we had a rough start when it came to sleep. He struggled with his sleep. Niki was up 4-5 times each night! During the day, his sleep was short and fragmented. I still remember the first time when Niki slept through the night - he was 1 year and 8 months old! I was physically and emotionally drained!

The strangest thing was that during all this time, I kept thinking this was 'normal.' Because I am a mother. And there's this widespread belief that being a mother, especially of a baby, means constant exhaustion, sleepless nights, and barely any time for yourself or your partner. I was told I should be patient, things would get better in a year or two.

Everyone kept telling me this - my mother, my mother-in-law, my older sister, and a multitude of friends who had walked this path.


When I found out I was pregnant with Matea, I felt heartily grateful that I was going to be a mother again. But along with that, I was anxious to find out whether she would follow in Sophie's peaceful sleep footsteps or take after Niki's restless ones. While I was pregnant, I often whispered to myself...

We're going to have another little girl. And from experience, I know that little girls sleep well.

Matea was 8 months old when she continued to wake up 5-6 times every night! I realized that I was not ready to wait another year to have a full night's sleep.

baby sleep

Matea is beautiful, just like every child . And I needed rest to be a better mother to her! That's when I decided to find help...

I delved into every resource I could find, reading countless specialized textbooks and scientific studies on children's sleep. I chose a sleep approach for Mateya, made a plan, implemented it, and very soon, my child started sleeping through the night.

Now, my goal is to help any parent who needs support and guide them through this journey.

I chose to be a child sleep consultant because I want to tell all parents that it's NOT okay to wait for 2 years to get a full night's sleep. It's not okay to be exhausted and to have no time for yourself or your partner!

There are gentle, effective solutions for every child's unique sleep situation. I'd be delighted to help you find the best approach for your child!

My Education

Licensed Paramedic

I hold a third-level professional qualification, recognized across the European Union. My hands-on experience includes an internship at the Emergency Aid Center. This background positions me to work effectively in emergency medical centers and emergency department admissions.

Certified Child Sleep Consultant

My comprehensive training features certifications in Strategies for Improving Sleep According to Children's Age and Individual Characteristics" and "Consultant for Correcting Behavioral Disorders in Children's Sleep."

Master's in Social Psychology

I have completed substantial coursework towards my Master's degree in social and organizational psychology. Right now, I'm focused on conducting a longitudinal study that forms the centerpiece of my master's thesis.

In addition to that...

Ever since I was 15 years old, I dreamt of becoming a software engineer. I made this dream a reality after graduating from high school. After receiving my degree in Software Engineering and gaining experience as a software development manager, I decided to further broaden my knowledge by pursuing an MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University.

A new stage in my life followed where I sought new meaning and purpose, leading me to complete another specialization - 'Paramedic'. I spent my final semester interning at the Emergency Aid Center.

For the past several years, I had been working in a major software development company as a manager and consultant. I led teams that develop medical software for healthcare facilities in the U.S.

Professional Interests

The influence of a child's temperament on the choice of approach to normalizing daytime and nighttime sleep.

Exploring sleep issues in highly sensitive children

Innovations & Healthcare

Managing Emergency Situations and Pre-Doctor Medical Assistance for Infants and Children

Parents often reach out to me for assistance when:

Their child frequently wakes up during the night and struggles to fall back asleep

The process of getting their child to sleep is long and associated with crying

Their baby only falls asleep while being held, and wakes up immediately when placed in the crib

Their child is waking up too early in the morning

Their newborn is experiencing day-night confusion, staying awake and wanting to play at night, but sleeping throughout the day

Their baby, who used to sleep well at night, suddenly begins to wake up frequently and/or refuses to nap

Their child's daytime naps are short, fragmented, or often end in crying. Parents are looking for ways to extend these naps

The child will only fall asleep when soothed by the mother, leaving her exhausted and needing rest

When transitioning the child from the parent's bed to a crib or from a crib to a toddler bed

When their child consistently stall or resist going to bed

The child is reliant on certain conditions or aids to fall asleep, such as feeding, rocking, pacifiers, etc.

Parents need help in setting up an appropriate and consistent sleep schedule for their child

As a certified child sleep consultant, I am here to help you with these and many other sleep-related issues. If your are ready for a change, reach out to me
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