Terms and Conditions for Using the Website goodmorningmatea.com

This document contains the General Terms and Conditions of the agreement for the use of free informational resources and services provided via the website goodmorningmatea.com. It regulates the relationship between goodmorningmatea.com and the option for each user to use the free informational resources and services available via the website goodmorningmatea.com for non-commercial and personal purposes, subject to all conditions described below.

By loading the goodmorningmatea.com webpage, you agree to be bound by and comply with these General Terms and Conditions, as well as any subsequent modifications thereof. Please do not use the website goodmorningmatea.com if you do not agree with all the general conditions outlined below.


In the interpretation and application of these General Terms, the terms and expressions used will have the following meaning:

1. “IP Address” – A unique identification number associating a user device, webpage, or resource in a way that allows its localization within the global Internet network.

2. goodmorningmatea.com is an informational website through which USERS are provided with informational services and resources, as described in these General Terms and Conditions.

3. “Electronic Link” is an internet link, located on a specific webpage, which allows for automated redirection to another webpage, informational resource, or object via standardized protocols.

4. “Information System” is a system consisting of numerous connected devices, one or many of which are intended for storing, sending, or receiving electronic documents.

5. “USER” is any individual who uses any of the informational services and resources provided via the website goodmorningmatea.com.

6. “Malicious Actions” refer to all actions or inactions that violate Internet ethics or cause harm to persons connected to the Internet or associated networks. This includes, but is not limited to, sending unwanted mail (SPAM, JUNK MAIL), flooding channels (FLOOD), accessing resources with others’ rights and passwords, exploiting system vulnerabilities for personal gain or obtaining information (HACK), committing acts that could be classified as industrial espionage or sabotage, damaging or destroying systems or information arrays (CRACK), sending “Trojan horses” or causing the installation of viruses or remote control systems, disrupting the normal operation of other Internet users and associated networks, and performing any actions that can be classified as a crime or administrative violation under Bulgarian law or any other applicable law. An “Internet page” is a part of a website that may be integral or separate.

7. “User Content” encompasses any data, information, text, photos, messages, electronic links, and all other materials, including but not limited to, opinions and comments and content of the personal page, which the USER places on a server of goodmorningmatea.com with a view to making them accessible via the website goodmorningmatea.com to all other USERS.
8. A “Server” is a device or system of connected devices on which, or on any of which, system software is installed to perform tasks related to storing, processing, receiving, or transmitting information. 
9. A “Website” is a designated place in the global Internet network, accessible through its unified address (URL) via the HTTP or HTTPS protocol and containing files, programs, text, sound, image, picture, electronic links, or other materials and resources.
10.  “Force Majeure” is an unforeseeable circumstance of an extraordinary nature at the time of contract conclusion, which makes its performance objectively impossible.
11.  “Commercial Messages” are advertising or other messages that directly or indirectly present the goods, services, or reputation of a person engaged in trade or craft activity or practicing a regulated profession.


1. goodmorningmatea.com provides the services (“Services”) as specified in these Terms and Conditions to the USER in an on-line mode, strictly adhering to the requirements laid out in these Terms and Conditions.
2. Some of the Services on the goodmorningmatea.com Website are provided to all USERS without the need for prior registration. These include, but are not limited to:
Access to and use of various informational resources available through the Website, in compliance with the rules of these Terms and Conditions; the opportunity to post comments and opinions about news, other people’s opinions and comments, and other content located on the goodmorningmatea.com Website or by USERS;
Other services provided to unregistered USERS via the goodmorningmatea.com Website.


These Terms and Conditions apply to all USERS of goodmorningmatea.com. The text of these Terms and Conditions is available on the internet page with the address goodmorningmatea.com in a way that allows it to be stored and reproduced. An electronic link to the Internet page containing the text of these Terms and Conditions is placed on every page of the Website. By using the information services and resources of the Website, including opening an Internet page from the Website and by clicking an electronic link from the title (homepage) or any other Internet page of the Website, USERS declare that they are familiar with these Terms and Conditions, agree to them and commit to abide by them.


1. The agreement between the parties becomes effective from the moment of consent.
2. The agreement is concluded in Bulgarian language.
3. The agreement remains effective until the use of the Services is terminated.
4. Upon the conclusion of the agreement between the User and goodmorningmatea.com, the user performs an explicit electronic declaration of intent under the meaning of the Law on Electronic Documents and Electronic Certification Services (LEDECS), declaring that they are familiar with the site’s Terms and Conditions, accept them, agree to them, and commit to abide by them, and also that they are familiar with goodmorningmatea.com’s Data Privacy Policy (declaration).


1. In view of the periodic additions and modifications to the Services, their improvement and expansion, as well as potential legislative changes reflecting them, the Terms and Conditions can be unilaterally changed by goodmorningmatea.com. This change can also be made in case of a change in the type, nature, or technology of the provided Services, when ceasing to provide certain Services, and when the economic conditions change.
2. When changes are made to the Terms and Conditions, goodmorningmatea.com brings them to the attention of the USERS by posting them on the goodmorningmatea.com Website, and provides USERS with a two-week period to acquaint themselves with the changes in the Terms and Conditions, after which they come into effect.


1. The USER is solely responsible for providing the necessary client equipment (end devices for internet access and corresponding software applications) and internet access for the use of the services provided by goodmorningmatea.com.

2. The USER has the right to access the Services provided online through the website goodmorningmatea.com, provided they comply with the access conditions and requirements determined by goodmorningmatea.com.

3. While using the Services on the goodmorningmatea.com website, the USER has the right to place User Content, including any subject of intellectual property, on a goodmorningmatea.com server only if they hold the corresponding intellectual property rights or have received the right to use and sublicense on a valid legal basis.
4. The USER is obligated not to upload, place on a goodmorningmatea.com server or make available in any way to third parties User Content – information, data, text, sound, files, software, music, video, photographs, graphics, audio materials, messages, as well as any other materials or electronic links to materials that:
a. Contradict Bulgarian law, applicable foreign laws, these General Terms, Internet ethics, the rules of morality and good manners;
b. Contain violence (including animal cruelty), agitation to violence, human dignity degradation, threat to life and bodily integrity of a person;
c. Have pornographic or explicitly sexual content;
d. Contain clearly distinguishable bodies of victims from disasters and other serious incidents;
e. Are offensive to a given religion or contain religious agitation;
f. Represent trade or office secrets or other confidential information;
g. Are the subject of intellectual property rights of third parties, except with the consent of the rights holder;
h. Violate any property or non-property rights or legal interests of third parties;
i. Propagate discrimination based on gender, race, educational censorship, age and religion or advocate fascist, racist or other non-democratic ideology;
j. Defame others and call for a violent change of the constitutionally established order, commit a crime, violence against the person or incite racial, national, ethnic or religious hatred;
k. Contain information encouraging or facilitating terrorist activity;
l. Contain information about foreign passwords or access rights without the consent of their holder, as well as software for accessing such passwords or rights.

5. The USER is obliged, when using the services provided by goodmorningmatea.com, to:
a. Not perform malicious actions within the meaning of these General Terms;
b. Immediately notify goodmorningmatea.com about any case of violation committed or discovered while using the services;
c. Not impersonate another person or represent a legal entity or group of people they are not authorized to represent, or otherwise mislead third parties about their identity or affiliation with a certain group of people;
d. Not use methods leading to the forced loading of content unwanted by Internet users (“pop-up”, “blind link”, and similar).

6. The USER has the right to discontinue the use of the services provided by goodmorningmatea.com at any time at their own discretion, to suspend the use of the Services, but this does not lead to the termination of the contract.

7. The USER can access and use any content published on the goodmorningmatea.com website, including User Content, for personal, non-commercial use only, in compliance with the requirements of these General Terms.

8. The USER is obliged not to access or attempt to gain unauthorized access to the services provided by goodmorningmatea.com by intercepting and using foreign passwords or any other methods, not to bypass, damage, or otherwise disrupt the normal operation of the technical or software applications of the goodmorningmatea.com website.

RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF goodmorningmatea.com

1. goodmorningmatea.com is obliged to exercise due care in providing the USER with the opportunity for normal use of the Services.
2. goodmorningmatea.com is not responsible for the opinions expressed by users. All users are granted the right to use the site’s services for personal/non-commercial purposes only. When adding an opinion/comment, users agree to comply with these general terms. goodmorningmatea.com is not responsible for the opinions expressed by the users.
3. In accordance with the requirements of the current Bulgarian legislation, goodmorningmatea.com stores information materials and resources provided by the USER on a server of goodmorningmatea.com, and has the right to provide them to competent state authorities when necessary to preserve the rights, legal interests, and security of goodmorningmatea.com or third parties, as well as when these are required by the respective state authorities in due order.
4. goodmorningmatea.com has the right, but not the obligation, at its discretion and without issuing a warning, to stop access to and/or remove User Content when it contradicts the requirements provided in these General Terms.
5. goodmorningmatea.com is not obliged to stop access to and/or remove User Content posted on the goodmorningmatea.com website at the request of the USER who published it.
6. goodmorningmatea.com has the right, at its discretion and without issuing a warning, to stop or temporarily restrict the USER’s access to the Services, as well as other USER’s access to User Content provided by them, when, according to goodmorningmatea.com’s assessment or according to information received from third parties, the USER uses the Services in violation of Bulgarian law, these General Terms, good manners, or other applicable standards.
7. goodmorningmatea.com reserves the right to temporarily or permanently discontinue the provision of specific Services available through the goodmorningmatea.com website, notifying the USER through a message on the respective internet pages or in their User Profile.


1. By placing User Content in any form on the goodmorningmatea.com website, the USER grants goodmorningmatea.com the non-exclusive right to use, record, store, publicly distribute it on the Internet, including offering access to an unlimited number of individuals in a manner that allows access to be carried out from a place and time individually chosen by each of them, without owing compensation for this and without territorial restrictions (worldwide). The right under the previous paragraph is granted for the period during which the User Content is placed on a goodmorningmatea.com server, as well as for a reasonable period after its removal or deletion.

2. In case the provided User Content includes intellectual property items, the USER declares that they hold the respective intellectual property rights over them or has the right to use the respective materials in the manner specified in these General Terms, including the right to sublicense the use of the respective materials, having acquired this right on a legal, contractual, or other legal basis, and that the placement of this content on the Website and its use in accordance with these General Terms does not infringe intellectual property rights, personal or other rights of third parties.
3. When using the Services, subject to these General Terms, the USER has access to various content and resources that are subject to copyright or other intellectual property rights of goodmorningmatea.com, other USERS, or the respectively indicated persons. The USER has access to the content for personal use in accordance with these General Terms and does not have the right to use, record, store, reproduce, modify, adapt, or publicly distribute intellectual property items, which have become available to them in the use of the Services, except if it is insignificant in volume information intended for personal use, provided that it does not unduly harm the legitimate interests of the authors or other holders of intellectual property rights, in case copying or reproduction is carried out for non-commercial purposes, and in case the respective content is provided by them or has received the express consent of the respective rights holders. Regardless of the above, the USER has no right to remove the signs of a trademark and ownership of other intellectual property rights from the materials available to them, whether the holder of the respective rights is goodmorningmatea.com or another USER.

4. The USER is solely responsible for the legality of the User Content, which they publish or make available through the use of the services of the goodmorningmatea.com website, as well as for their actions in its publication and the consequences of this publication. In the relationship between goodmorningmatea.com and the User, the authorship of the User’s electronic statements is established according to the order of Article 13 of the Electronic Document and Electronic Certification Services Act.

5. Intellectual property rights over all intellectual property items – materials, databases, and other resources, located on the Website, excluding User Content placed by USERS on the goodmorningmatea.com website, are protected according to the Copyright and Related Rights Act and/or the Trademarks and Geographic Designations Act, belong to goodmorningmatea.com or the respectively indicated entity that has transferred the usage right to goodmorningmatea.com, and cannot be used in violation of the existing legislation.

6. If the USER believes that their intellectual property rights have been violated by another user, they should notify goodmorningmatea.com in writing at the address of management mentioned in these General Terms or through a letter sent to the email address indicated for contact with goodmorningmatea.com. The notification should contain precise identification of the material, which is claimed to have been published in violation of intellectual property rights, indication of the person or persons whose intellectual property rights have been violated, and the basis on which these persons have become holders of the respective rights, as well as an address and phone number for contacting the USER. goodmorningmatea.com undertakes actions at its discretion.

7. goodmorningmatea.com may store in log files on its server the User’s IP address, as well as any other necessary information needed to identify the User and reproduce their electronic statement of acceptance of these General Terms, as well as to execute other electronic statements, in case of a legal dispute arising


1. goodmorningmatea.com takes care to provide the USER with the opportunity for normal use of the Services, but insofar as they are provided free of charge, it has no obligation and does not guarantee that they will meet the USER’s requirements, nor that they will be uninterrupted, timely, or secure. By accepting these General Terms, the USER declares that the use of the provided Services will be entirely at their own risk and responsibility, and the parties agree that goodmorningmatea.com is not responsible for any potential damages caused to the USER while using the provided Services, except if they are caused by goodmorningmatea.com intentionally or through gross negligence.

2. goodmorningmatea.com is not responsible for damages caused to the software, hardware, or the equipment of the USER, or for the loss of data, resulting from materials or resources, searched for, downloaded, or used in any way through the provided Services.

3. goodmorningmatea.com is not liable to the USER and third parties for damages suffered and benefits missed due to the termination, cessation, alteration, or limitation of the provision of any of the Services available through the goodmorningmatea.com Website.

4. By accepting these General Terms, the USER declares that they are aware of the potential interruptions and other kinds of difficulties in establishing an Internet connection to the goodmorningmatea.com Website, which can occur regardless of the care taken by goodmorningmatea.com. The USER declares that they will not claim any compensation from goodmorningmatea.com for lost benefits, suffered damages, or inconveniences due to the occurrence of the aforementioned interruptions or difficulties in the Internet connection, including with regard to the capacity of this connection.

5. goodmorningmatea.com is not liable and does not owe compensation to a person whose personal data has been unscrupulously used by another person for claiming and using the Services provided by goodmorningmatea.com, regardless of whether the data subject has given consent to this or not. The protection of their personal data is the primary obligation of the data subjects.


1. goodmorningmatea.com has the right to stop, limit, or change the Services provided to the USER, as well as to report to the competent state authorities, if the USER’s behavior, according to goodmorningmatea.com’s assessment, violates provisions of the current Bulgarian legislation, these General Terms, or the rights and legal interests of third parties. It can also, at any time and without prior notice, stop access to any content placed on the goodmorningmatea.com Website by the USER, for which it determines or receives information from third parties, that contradicts the current Bulgarian legislation, these General Terms, or their own or others’ rights and legal interests, including intellectual property rights, until such dispute is resolved by an act of a competent state authority.

2. Upon receiving an order from competent state authorities concerning User Content, goodmorningmatea.com has the right, without prior notice, to stop access to such User Content or to perform other actions, in accordance with the received order.

3. When receiving information that provides sufficient grounds to presume that the USER’s behavior in using the Services on the goodmorningmatea.com Website could constitute a crime or administrative violation, goodmorningmatea.com has the right, at its discretion, to report to the competent state authorities, providing them with the necessary assistance and all the necessary information and materials required by due process, which, in the opinion of the respective authority, could assist in identifying the offender and proving the committed crime or administrative violation.

4. In the above cases, goodmorningmatea.com is not liable for damages suffered and benefits missed by the USER or third parties, occurring as a result of the cessation, alteration, or limitation of the Services, termination of the contract, or provision of information or execution of orders of the competent state authorities.


The USER is obliged to compensate goodmorningmatea.com and all third parties for all damages and missed benefits, including paid property sanctions, legal fees, and other expenses, resulting from claims filed and/or compensations paid to third parties in connection with materials that the USER has made available to third parties or made accessible through the use of the Services provided by goodmorningmatea.com, in violation of Bulgarian law, applicable foreign laws, these General Terms, or good morals, as well as in connection with other violations of his obligations under these General Terms.


goodmorningmatea.com takes due care in the collection, processing, and storage of USERS’ personal data, strictly adhering to the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of April 27, 2016, regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), our Data Privacy Policy (Statement), and the related Bulgarian and European legislation.


Apart from the cases provided for in these General Terms, the contract between the parties is terminated upon the occurrence of any of the following circumstances:
a/ termination of goodmorningmatea.com’s operations or cessation of the maintenance of the goodmorningmatea.com Website;
b/ mutual agreement of the parties for termination;
c/ other cases provided for by law.


By accepting these General Terms and entering into a contract between them, the parties agree to consider the electronic statements sent between them as received upon their entry into the information system indicated by the recipient, without the need for explicit confirmation. When goodmorningmatea.com is the addressee of the statement, the entry of the statement into the information system specified by the recipient is considered to be its arrival on the servers of goodmorningmatea.com.

In case the USER has specified an invalid email box, the statement will be considered received solely by its dispatch from goodmorningmatea.com, even if it has not been received. The parties agree that if any of the clauses in these General Terms proves to be invalid, this will not entail the invalidity of the contract, other clauses, or parts thereof. The invalid clause will be replaced by the mandatory norms of the law or established practice. The goodmorningmatea.com website is maintained by goodmorningmatea.com using technical equipment located in the Republic of Bulgaria. goodmorningmatea.com does not guarantee and is not responsible for the availability and proper provision of the Services on the goodmorningmatea.com website outside the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. If the USER uses the Services, subject to these General Terms, outside the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, the USER is solely responsible for complying with the applicable law according to the location of the use of the Services. For all matters not regulated by this contract, the provisions of the current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria apply. All disputes between the parties are resolved in a spirit of understanding and goodwill. In case an agreement is not reached, all unresolved disputes arising from or relating to the contract between the parties, including disputes arising from or relating to its interpretation, invalidity, performance, or termination, as well as disputes to fill gaps in the contract or adapt it to new circumstances, will be resolved by the competent court in Sofia according to the current Bulgarian legislation.

These General Terms were last reviewed on October 25, 2021.