консултант по детски сън

Do you need a baby sleep consultant?

I truly believe every parent can find a solution to their child's sleep issues. The work of a child sleep consultant isn't complex. Being a sleep consultant certainly isn't rocket science. Given enough free time and energy, anyone can learn from the books out there and tackle this challenge. Yes, you can do this on your own.

But what if life's just too busy, or you can't quite figure out the right solution? That's where I come in to help. As a child sleep consultant, I'm here to share my experience and provide a solution that fits your child's needs.

If you don't have the time or ability to find the right solution, I'm here to help. I will gladly share my experience and provide a solution made to fit your child's needs.




0 - 4 months

If your baby is under 4 months old, or perhaps you're soon welcoming a new family member, establishing healthy sleep habits from the start is essential. Take a moment to explore the consultations offered in this section.
At this early stage, it's quite common for parents to seek advice on helping their baby fall asleep more easily, minimizing those midnight wake-ups, and setting a consistent daily routine for sleep and wake times. These are typical concerns, and you're certainly not alone. I'm here to help you navigate these challenges.
Sleep Consultant

Infants & Toddlers

5 - 18 months

Many mothers share that this is a period filled with challenges when it comes to their baby's sleep. Struggling to fall asleep, waking up frequently during the night, and having short, fragmented naps —sound familiar? You're not alone in facing these issues. But here's the encouraging news. The period between 5 and 18 months is an optimal time to establish solid, healthy sleep habits for your baby. It's a unique window of opportunity to shape their sleep routine for the better, setting them (and you!) up for peaceful nights and restful days ahead.
Sleep Consultant

Toddlers & Children

1,5 - 5 years

At this age, children are full of curiosity, actively exploring their world and testing the boundaries that well-meaning parents establish for healthy sleep. It's also a time when new sleep issues may appear. Perhaps your child has suddenly started resisting bedtime or begun waking up during the night after months of sleeping soundly. Maybe night fears or nightmares have entered the picture. If any of these situations resonate with you, don't worry. I'm here to help. Drawing on my experience and knowledge, I can provide effective solutions for these concerns and any other sleep-related challenges your child might be facing.


Before I met Gery, Ani used to wake up between 5 and 8 times every night. My husband and I barely got any sleep. Her daytime sleep was OK, but it was very hard to get her to sleep. Only by rocking her in my arms while moving around the bedroom, and she's a big baby. So we booked a preliminary consultation. I immediately knew I wanted to work with Gery. Her schedule was full and I had to wait, but it was worth it. In the first week, we fixed Ani's daytime sleep, and then her nighttime awakenings. Gery works with tear-free approaches, which is great because I can't bear to hear Ani cry. All the problems we solved for approximately 10 days. Ani started to sleep. She wakes up once at night, just for feeding, and goes back to sleep right after. Thank you so much! You've returned our sleep and peace at home.
Mom E. & baby Ani
“I share my sincere thanks to Geri. We were together for three weeks to help with Boris's sleep. Today he sleeps in his bed, all night, and falls asleep very easily. Initially, I used to put him to sleep in an ergonomic baby carrier or in the stroller. I've achieved results I didn't think could happen. I recommend her to all my friends!”
Mom C. & baby Boris
Gery is the best! We solved my little son's problem with just a few meetings. At 8 months, he just couldn't sleep during the day. He was grumpy and whiny all day long. Now he sleeps well and has become much calmer. As Gery said, he was overtired. Thank you for being there. You approach with so much support and understanding. I hope we don't have any more problems, but I will call again if needed.
Mom C. & baby E.

I contacted Gery when my son was 1 year and 5 months old. I had been thinking for a long time that I was late and that we were late to teach him to sleep independently. He slept in our bed and woke up probably 50 times at night. I had to feed him, so he can go back to sleep. I wanted to breastfeed him until he was 2 years old. I thought baby sleep consultants would try to convince me to wean him.

At our first meeting, Gery explained that it's important to keep breastfeeding if I have the opportunity and desire to do so. The other surprise was that it's not necessary to move him to a separate bed to sleep at night. Nevertheless, my husband and I decided he should sleep in his crib in our bedroom. All Gery's advice was clear and precise. My son started sleeping in his crib. Now I breastfeed him before he falls asleep and early in the morning at 6:30. There were days when I talked to Gery twice a day. She inspired a lot of courage and confidence in me. Every time she answered my questions with such patience.

Mom Teodora & baby Y.